All stand up paddle board training can be accomplished through any of our programs

Our levels of SUP are:

  • Level 1 – SUP Fundamentals
  • Level 2 – Improving efficiency and form
  • Level 3 –  Paddling for Performance
Learn to Paddle Board in Miami


Level 1 – SUP Fundamentals

  • Safety first (can you swim?)
  • Equipment basics (paddle sizing and board maintenance)
  • Learn proper paddling technique
  • Gain confidence balancing on the board
  • Learn two ways to turn
  • Learn how to use CORE and lower body to paddle
  • Able to paddle a small distance recreationally
  • Understand how to maximize fitness benefits on the paddle board

Goal: To be able to paddle half a mile demonstrating proper form, comfortable turns and understanding of weather conditions and safety measures for recreational paddling.


Level 2 – Improving Efficiency and Form

  • Independent equipment set up
  • Refine paddling technique
  • Improve stroke efficiency
  • Work on direction control
  • Learn a third way to turn
  • Consistently use CORE and lower body to paddle
  • Able to paddle 2 miles with ease
  • Consider entering a race
  • Reap the benefits of correct SUP technique to optimize fitness

Goal: To consistently be able to paddle for 2 miles at a good pace (under 40 minutes), demonstrating proper paddling technique in varying weather conditions, feeling confident and safe on the water.


Level 3 – Paddling for Performance

  • Own leash and PFD (own paddle, recommended but not necessary)
  • Small tune ups of paddling technique with emphasis on REACH and HIP DRIVE
  • Able to paddle through all weather conditions
  • Upwind downwind practice, side chop, moving up and down the board, sprints
  • Complete direction control
  • Pivot turns (buoy turns)
  • Development of SUP stamina, (strength, endurance, power drills)
  • Race team training

Goal: To consistently be able to paddle for 4 miles in any conditions (averaging 14 minute miles). You will feel confident that you can handle whatever mother nature throws at you while on your paddle board. So whether you want to enjoy a completely effortless recreational paddle with friends and family at a leisurely pace or enter a challenging ocean race where you are practically trying to stand on your board before you even think about paddling, you have achieved a full paddling lifestyle!