SUPtheworkout Stand Up Paddle Race Team

If you are competitive, this is the team for you!

Stand Up Paddle Miami Race Team SUPtheworkout
Stand Up Paddle Miami Race Team SUPtheworkout
Athleta Apparel Sponsored SUPtheworkout Team
At SUPtheworkout, we started our Race Team to provide our clients and athletes with more SUP technique one on one coaching, endurance training and guidance for those who are new racers and want to join the scene. Currently we have 5 men and 12 women on our team but we encourage more people to join every day. We provide equipment demos for our team members, special discounts on equipment and apparel from our official outfitters and our mojitos and margaritas sessions after paddling are notorious! Oh, and the occasional pina colada, how can I forget that! A good race should always be followed by a good beverage and that takes PRACTICE!


(305) 535-9842

1003 Lincoln Rd
Miami Beach, FL

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